Storage and handling of dangerous goods

Goods must be stored in a specially equipped warehouse for dangerous goods. Radioactive material should be stored separately in a specialized warehouse for isotope products.

Authorized personnel must ensure that:

  1. Existing procedures for storage and handling of dangerous goods should be developed and updated in accordance with the requirements of local authorities and U6 standards;
  2. The warehouse for dangerous goods is kept clean; storage of waste and materials prone to sunbathing is strictly prohibited;
  3. The warehouse must be equipped with fire fighting equipment in accordance with the requirements of local authorities;
  4. A special area (separated from other goods) should be created for the temporary storage of damaged goods and / or cargo that has a leak;
  5. Incompatible dangerous goods are placed separately at the warehouse;
  6. Storage procedures should guarantee easy and flawless handling in the event of a fire or other incident;
  7. The provisions for substances of Class 4.1 and 5.2 (and special provision A20 IATA DGR) during storage (including loading and unloading moments) are firmly adhered to for goods loaded in bulk and marked with the symbol “Keep in a cool place”;
  8. They should be located away from direct sunlight and away from heat sources, in a well-ventilated area.

Important. The storage of dangerous goods (outside the designated warehouse) must be carried out properly, ensuring the proper level of safety, in any case they must be separated from other goods. Storage locations should be clearly marked.