Cargo Acceptance and Restrictions

1. General restrictions

OJSC Ural Airlines accepts all types of cargo permitted for transportation on passenger aircraft except for valuable goods with declared value (VAL) on all types of aircraft.

Ural Airlines does not accept cargo in containers from cargo agents - only in bulk or bulk.

The obligatory prior approval and confirmation from the carrier is required by the types of cargo:

  • Live animals (transportation is possible only on a certain modification of the aircraft Airbus A319 / Airbus A320 / Airbus A321 / Boeing 737-800 Max);
  • Dangerous goods;
  • Heavy cargo (with mandatory verification of the permissible load on the floor of the cargo compartment. Cargo, the mass of one piece of which exceeds 200 kg, can be accepted for transportation if: the maximum permissible mass for transportation of one piece of heavy cargo does not exceed the maximum permissible specific load on the air floor ship and with prior approval of the airport of departure, arrival or transit (if necessary);
  • Oversized cargo.

2. Conditions for acceptance of cargo for carriage

  1. Cargo must be pre-booked;
  2. Import, export or transit of cargo must be permitted by the laws and regulations of the country into the territory from, or through the territory of which the transportation is carried out;
  3. The dimensions of the cargo must ensure its free loading and unloading, placement in the baggage - cargo compartments of aircraft and its reliable fastening;
  4. The cargo must have good packaging, ensuring the possibility of its reliable placement and fastening on board the aircraft and safety during transportation, transshipment, transshipment, transportation and storage;
  5. When transporting on scheduled passenger aircrafts, the mass and dimensions of the cargo must not exceed the limits of the dimensions of the doors and hatches of aircraft of Ural Airlines OJSC;
  6. When transporting on scheduled passenger aircraft, it is mandatory to check the allowable load on the aircraft floor (see tables);
  7. All required documents must be attached to the cargo;
  8. The cargo should not create danger to the aircraft, people and property that are on it, and by its properties should not create inconvenience to passengers;
  9. Acceptance for transportation of goods belonging to the category of special is carried out only after prior coordination with the carrier;
  10. If at least one of these conditions is not met, the carrier or authorized agent has the right to refuse to accept the goods for transportation.

Important. Cargo exceeding the established limits in weight and dimensions can be accepted for transportation only with the consent of the carrier.