The authorized agent of the airline must strictly comply with the requirements of U6 for the storage of live animals:

  1. storage and any actions may only be performed by qualified personnel;
  2. Do not disturb animals except as provided in this manual;
  3. All operations should be minimized:
    • operations before shipping;
    • transit and transfer operations;
    • customs delivery operations;
  4. the animal must be in the appropriate warehouse (for live animals) in accordance with the rules for storing live animals:
    • the necessary air temperature must be ensured;
    • necessary cleaning and disinfection procedures should be done;
    • containers should be cleaned, animals fed, and the animal should not come into contact with other animals;
    • all technical equipment and aircraft must be cleaned and disinfected;
    • appropriate disinfection records should be kept.

Attention. A container with a live animal can be placed in a warehouse before loading on board the aircraft, or before delivering it to the client, in this case all requirements for storing the animal must be met. Local storage regulations must be strictly adhered to.

Koltsovo Airport

The consignee must, no later than 3 hours after the arrival of the aircraft at the destination airport, receive the goods arriving at his address.